Saturday, February 24, 2018

PR Advice on Competing Brands

What do you do when an inferior competing brand has positioned itself as the expert?

PR Advice For Artists

Some fast PR advice for authors.

PR Advice for Self-Published Authors

I have some public relations advice for self-published authors.

Advice on Public Speaking

Looking for a few suggestions on how to get over the anxiety of public speaking? I have some fast tips and suggestions that I hope will help you.

The “exclusive” media story

What does it mean when a media outlet tells you they want an exclusive? In a nutshell, it means they want to be the first to break the story. It means you can talk to other outlets, but only after the exclusive has run. News is a very competitive business and getting more so every […]

Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Lots of people have asked us how it is that we can sometimes line up a dozen or more interviews in one day for a single client. And in our efforts to better educate the public about the work that publicists as a whole do, and that we do specifically, I thought I’d tell readers […]