Thursday, March 22, 2018

Turning Bad PR Around

There is no fix all solution to turn bad PR around. But there is one thing you can do when the rug seems to be pulled out from under you in the public arena: listen.

When Bad PR Happens to Good People

Most people don’t understand the amount of work and research that goes into a PR campaign. They think you pick up the phone, call a friend, and national news happen.  You know that going in, that very few people truly understand how much analysis and planning goes into creating a campaign that will stick. And […]

The “exclusive” media story

What does it mean when a media outlet tells you they want an exclusive? In a nutshell, it means they want to be the first to break the story. It means you can talk to other outlets, but only after the exclusive has run. News is a very competitive business and getting more so every […]

Tips on a great Media Pitch

Creating a great media pitch is key to securing press coverage. Here is some advice on what goes into a great media pitch.

Crisis Communications Planning

The time to create a Crisis Communications Plan is before you need it, not in the height of a crisis. Every critical person in your company and all of the C-suite should have a copy, have reviewed it at least once in the last six months, and feel free to offer suggestions to improve upon […]

An Excerpt from “What is Social Media?”

Social media has taken off because it fits more with how we interact with the world around us, our friends, and it dovetails with how we make decisions. We know that ads don’t always tell us the truth, that we can’t believe everything we read in the paper or see on tv. But we are […]

To Blog or Not to Blog…

You’ve held out this long but now you’re wondering if it’s time to blog. The answer is…

PR and the Decline of the Empire

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There are some who believe that the Public Relations department should be the conscience of an organization – and I happen to be one of them. Forward thinking companies are adopting that attitude and soon, other companies will not have a choice. The people will demand it.   It used to be that PR was a […]

TV Interview Tips

Ever wondered what goes into a good TV interview? These TV interview tips will help you give an interview that will get you remembered and invited back.

Be Twitter Follow Worthy

Being Twitter follow worthy isn’t rocket science. In fact, successful twitter follow really comes down to the some simple etiquette basics with a little dose of treating others as you’d like to be treated thrown in. Twitter is a form of social media. The emphasis is on social. As others, including David Meerman Scott and […]

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