Saturday, February 24, 2018

Childhood Cancer Families are Heroes

It could not have been easy for Suzanne McNeil to go to the recent Solving Kids Cancer gala in New York  knowing her daughter’s video would be playing on a big screen. Suzanne lost her daughter Megan just a few months ago at the age of 20 from the childhood cancer she had battled so […]

Megan McNeil 1990-2011

The odds were against Megan McNeil even leaving the hospital when she was first diagnosed with adrenal cancer at the age of 16. Megan, however, wasn’t going to go without a fight, and fight she did, not just for herself but for the hundreds of scared kids she’d met in the childhood cancer wards and […]

Megan McNeil, singer, loses battle with childhood cancer

Discovered by top producer, Megan McNeil’s “The Will to Survive” captured hearts across North America and gave hope to many January 29, 2011 – Vancouver, BC – Megan McNeil, 20, a singer who captured the hearts of North Americans with her song about what it’s like to be a kid battling childhood cancer, has died. […]

Megan McNeil, Messenger of Hope

Megan McNeil is a messenger of hope to kids battling cancer – and anyone who needs a little inspiration to go on on really bad days.

Megan McNeil – Will to Survive – Official Video

Megan McNeil knows what it’s like to battle childhood cancer. She wrote a song to help others through their adversity, especially kids battling cancer.

Meet James, through the eyes of Cameron

No eight year old should have to bury a friend. Cameron remembers his best friend, James Birrell, who died from neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer.

Not in time…again

For reasons of patient confidentiality, especially because she was a child, I cannot tell you her real name but — I’ll call her Katie. For a long time, Katie had been fighting neuroblastoma, one of the deadliest of childhood cancers. She died last week at the age of 13. I got to know Katie when […]

The James Fund neuroblastoma Retreat – A Beautiful Noise – W-Five

W-Five recently aired a heartbreakingly beautiful documentary on James Birrell, a little boy who left a very big legacy. James died of neuroblastoma, a deadly form of childhood cancer in 2001. He was just 8 years old and had been fighting cancer since he was 3. James made it his mission to fight the neuroblastoma […]

The James Fund neuroblastoma Retreat – A Beautiful Noise – James Fund Neuroblastoma Family Retreat 2009

The James Fund is a leading fund fighting neuroblastoma, one of the deadliest childhood cancers. Its Honourary Patron is Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. The James Fund’s work with neuroblastoma families has made them increasingly aware for the need these families have to come together as they ride the roller coaster of this terrible disease. The […]

The James Fund neuroblastoma Retreat – A Beautiful Noise

 The following reflections are by Faye Whyte, the mother of a neuroblastoma child. Faye’s family was part of the recent James Fund retreat held at Camp Ooch.   Some of us find beauty in sound, and some in the absence of sound. Life these days seems so full of noise that a quiet place can […]

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