Thursday, March 22, 2018

Brandon Schupp

He was one of Reader’s Digest Heroes of the Year, named in 2007 for the previous year, along with four others, including Stephen Lewis. His name is Brandon Schupp, and when I met him via Mary Lye and David Stones then at The Childhood Cancer Foundation, Brandon was 13, and wanting to climb a ten […]

This election, advance polls suggest young adults, aged 18-30, may be engaging with the political process like they haven’t in a very long time. Perhaps like never before. Why? Because they can. Power, some say, is about cutting people off. Doctors and lawyers have a special language that takes years to learn, a way of […]

Reverend walks a mile in their shoes…

Rev. Dr. David Bruce making 42.2 KM trek to highlight plight of older homeless men and the only “home” many of them have. The average homeless member of The Good Neighbours’ Club walks as much as 15K per day in search of food, shelter and work. Reverend David Bruce wants them to know they’re not […]

The men of The Good Neighbours’ Club give to Japan

Dave Wheaton and Ray May are regular volunteers at The Good Neighbours Club, a day club for men who are 50 and over and homeless or marginally housed. They’ve both also been homeless, and have used the club to help them get back to a better life. They give back to the club that has […]

Irvin Waller, Victims’ Advocate

Babble On clients tend not to shy away from the tough subjects and Irvin Waller is certainly no exception.His book new book Rights for Victims of Crime:  Rebalancing Justice (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. – is a must read for anyone who pays taxes. Or anyone  who has ever been a victim of crime. […]

The Work of Megan McNeil

Megan was a tireless advocate for children and families battling childhood cancer. She reached 10’s of millions of people with her message. Here is some of what she had to say.

Megan McNeil 1990-2011

The odds were against Megan McNeil even leaving the hospital when she was first diagnosed with adrenal cancer at the age of 16. Megan, however, wasn’t going to go without a fight, and fight she did, not just for herself but for the hundreds of scared kids she’d met in the childhood cancer wards and […]

Megan McNeil, singer, loses battle with childhood cancer

Discovered by top producer, Megan McNeil’s “The Will to Survive” captured hearts across North America and gave hope to many January 29, 2011 – Vancouver, BC – Megan McNeil, 20, a singer who captured the hearts of North Americans with her song about what it’s like to be a kid battling childhood cancer, has died. […]

Megan McNeil, Messenger of Hope

Megan McNeil is a messenger of hope to kids battling cancer – and anyone who needs a little inspiration to go on on really bad days.

The Day of the Homeless 2010

Dignitaries mingled with the homeless at The Second Annual Day of the Homeless  at the Good Neighbours’ Club at Jarvis and Shuter. The Day of the Homeless honours those who have died on the streets, and takes place on or around the anniversary of the death of Good Neighbours’ Club member Paul Croutch, the former journalist […]

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