Thursday, March 22, 2018

What they hate about the other guy…

When you’re trying to understand what it is that sets you apart, what it is that truly makes you unique, sometimes it helps to take your brain outside of your own brand and look at your competitors. Is there one thing that people really don’t like about the way a service is traditionally offered or […]

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

How we respond to crisis, whether personal, professional, or global can be bettered by our mindset. Growth mindset leads to new solutions; fixed mindset leads to more of the same and down the line problems. Mickey Drexler and Tonya Surman are two great examples of growth mindset leaders.

Childhood Cancer Families are Heroes

It could not have been easy for Suzanne McNeil to go to the recent Solving Kids Cancer gala in New York  knowing her daughter’s video would be playing on a big screen. Suzanne lost her daughter Megan just a few months ago at the age of 20 from the childhood cancer she had battled so […]

So long Meredith Vieira

I doubt Meredith Vieira would remember me if she tripped over me but I will always remember her, both as a gifted host and interviewer, and as a person. I’ve had the great privilege of meeting her a few times, both on the set of The View and on The Today Show. Once, I brought […]

The Trouble with Young People Today is…

There is a fun blog called The Problem with Young People Today is. Full disclosure, I’m related to both Don Mills and his brother York.  The blog, which is frequently Freshly Pressed (chosen by WordPress as a blog of the day) and which gets a substantial amount of traffic, features the musings of an often […]

Turning Bad PR Around

There is no fix all solution to turn bad PR around. But there is one thing you can do when the rug seems to be pulled out from under you in the public arena: listen.

When Bad PR Happens to Good People

Most people don’t understand the amount of work and research that goes into a PR campaign. They think you pick up the phone, call a friend, and national news happen.  You know that going in, that very few people truly understand how much analysis and planning goes into creating a campaign that will stick. And […]

Brandon Schupp

He was one of Reader’s Digest Heroes of the Year, named in 2007 for the previous year, along with four others, including Stephen Lewis. His name is Brandon Schupp, and when I met him via Mary Lye and David Stones then at The Childhood Cancer Foundation, Brandon was 13, and wanting to climb a ten […]

This election, advance polls suggest young adults, aged 18-30, may be engaging with the political process like they haven’t in a very long time. Perhaps like never before. Why? Because they can. Power, some say, is about cutting people off. Doctors and lawyers have a special language that takes years to learn, a way of […]

Reverend walks a mile in their shoes…

Rev. Dr. David Bruce making 42.2 KM trek to highlight plight of older homeless men and the only “home” many of them have. The average homeless member of The Good Neighbours’ Club walks as much as 15K per day in search of food, shelter and work. Reverend David Bruce wants them to know they’re not […]

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