Saturday, February 24, 2018

Looking for work?

If you’re on this page, chances are good you are looking for a job. Here are two things you need to know.

1. We’re not looking right now
2. You’re already way ahead of others who reach out to us because you are actually doing some research

Put those two things together and here’s what it means. No, we’re not looking for anyone right now. But that can change on a dime. And the people who get the work have shown the same level of research and professionalism in reaching out to us in their job search that we assume they will bring to our clients.

And it’s all about our clients.

Put yourself in our shoes. Who would you be interested in? Someone who sends in a query or resume that’s all about them? Or someone who has clearly done their research on our company, the types of clients and projects we’ve taken on? Who comments on a post on this site and engages in a question about PR? Who converses with us and retweets our tweets on Twitter?

Who would grab your attention?

So yes, we’re not looking and yes, you can send your resume for us to review. But want to get us to actually file it or look at it?

Be human. Be real. Be helpful. Show us how you can add value to what we bring to clients. Show us you know who we are and what we stand for. Engage with us meaningfully and substantively.

That’s who we respond to. That’s who we hire. Because that’s how PR works in this day and age.

Want to reach out? Really dazzle us by including this phrase in your subject head and body of email: “Megan Rocks.”

Tell us who Megan is, and even if we don’t have anything for you, we’ll give you up to ten minutes of our time to give you some insight into what our company might be looking for down the line and our thoughts on how you can better position yourself.

Sound fair? If so, great, we look forward to hearing from you.

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