Saturday, February 24, 2018

Robert Land Academy – A Great Evolution

Robert Land Academy scarlet parade uniforms

Robert Land Academy Scarlet uniforms

Some boys need more structure than the world is inclined to give them. Some have ADHD, ADD or other learning disabilities. Others have struggled academically, or with drugs and alcohol. Some get in trouble with the law.

The Robert Land Academy is a military themed school, the only one of its kind in Canada. It accepts boys from around the world, many of whom have not found success in the usual school models. It is not for troubled boys and it is not a correctional facility. They aren’t the least bit interested in shaping the next generation of soldier.

What they do is provide the structure that some boys need in order to be successful.

How successful? For years now, every boy who has chosen to apply for university has been accepted to his first choice school. How many schools can say that?

We met some of the boys and their families while at the school to make this testimonial video by Filter Studios.  These boys knocked our socks off. Some had been on a dark path before coming to RLA and using their time their to become the young men they’d always hoped to be.

What impressed us was the gratitude these boys showed, to the school, but also to their parents. They understood it wasn’t easy for their parents to keep believing in them, often when others had stopped. “Thank you for not giving up on me,” was something we heard more than once from boys to the families who helped them find their way to a better life.

This video is the first of a few that will be coming out about the school.

What a place. What a story.

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