Saturday, February 24, 2018

Seneca@York with Jameson Berkow from The National Post and Amanda George from Marketwire

Seneca @ York Campus alit at night

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with Jameson Berkow from The National Post and Amanda George from Sysomos and Marketwire. The panel was produced by a group of graduate students in the PR and Communications program at Seneca@York and was all about crisis communications in the era of Social Media.

It was a fascinating discussion, and a well rounded panel with varying but complimentary perspectives on the issue. But what impressed me most was the students. Engaged, smart and full of questions, many also expressed a vision of the world that left me hopeful. Under the capable leadership of their teacher, David Turnbull, APR, they seem to understand that with great PR comes great responsibility, and honesty and what is in the public interest trumps this quarter’s profits.

The connectivity that is the essence of the digital age is sweeping aside those who work in secrecy and spin. These students seem well ahead of the curve, and appear poised to do the profession proud when they graduate.

My thanks to everyone, especially the organizing committee and Lindsey Phelan, who was gracious beyond belief, depsite the fact that I’m sure I tried everyone’s patience by getting deeply and profoundly lost.

Thank you to David Turnbull for including me, and to turning out such a fine next generation of PR practitioners.



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