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Reimagine CBC

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As digital technology is breaking old business models, it is also enabling new forms of participation in our culture, economy and governance. Perhaps most importantly, it’s connecting Canadians as never before. Public media organizations have a mandate to serve citizens, and this puts them in a unique position to add value and opportunity in this period of change.

The CBC is in the process of conducting a major strategic review both internally and through outside regulators. The question is, who will shape the CBC of the future?

We think Canadians should. To add your idea to the forum, please visit Reimagine CBC. Be part of the conversation over what the next generation of television and public broadcasting should look like. Join notable Canadians and everyday citizens embracing a whole world of possibilities in the digital age.

In Vancouver? Come be part of the Reimagine CBC event on May 7.

Celebrating CBC: Past, Present and Future

The best way for the CBC to thrive is to build a community of supporters who have a true sense of ownership over the organization. To this end, as part of a national campaign led by media advocacy groups Open Media and Lead Now, Gen Why Media is bringing together seasoned professionals, up-and-coming CBC talent, outside experts, media innovators, and citizens in a celebratory event that will add new energy to the CBC and help articulate a fresh vision for public media.


DATE: May 7th, 2012 |
TIME: 7pm (sharp) – 10pm (doors open at 6 PM)
VENUE: The Vogue Theatre


>>Opening Performance: Intercultural performance that showcases Canada’s diverse talent, cultural innovation, and artistic excellence.

>>Storytelling: Three cultural creators tell stories about their lives as Canadians, and how the CBC has been pivotal to their goals, careers and understanding of their country.

Stories from:
Christine McAvoy (local music blogger and photographer)
Ivan Coyote (writer, storyteller, performer)
Wade Davis (author, anthropologist, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence)

>>Dialogue: On-stage “living room conversations” where participants reflect on the CBC and progressive media platforms, asking questions such as – How do we imagine the future of Canadian media? How will the CBC grow over the next 75 years? What areas for growth, change, transformation, and innovation could it pursue? What ideas or models could inspire its next generation of work?

Jarrett Martineau (independent cultural producer)
Kathleen Cross (Professor at SFU School of Communications)
Sean Devlin (of Shit Harper Did)
Steve Pratt (Director of CBC Radio 3)
Nettie Wild (acclaimed documentary filmmaker)

>>Closing Performance: Local Super Group of indie musicians. Performances by: Dan Mangan, Aidan Knight, Hannah Epperson, Zachary Gray (of the Zolas).


Canadian Media Guild
Canadian Media Producers Association
Simon Fraser Student Society
SFU Department of Humanities
SFU School of Communications
The Georgia Straight
The Tyee
The Vancouver Observer
Scene in the Dark
Poetry is Dead
Ricepaper Magazine
Net Tuesday

Learn more about the campaign here:

***Note: Please tell the government to keep Canada connected by maintaining support for the CBC here:

Reimagine CBC Celebration is a collaborative of, Leadnow and Gen Why Media. is a grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of the Internet. More at

Leadnow is an independent community that brings generations of Canadians together for progress through democracy. More at

Gen Why Media is a production group that uses media, events, intergenerational dialogue and public art to re-imagine civic engagement. More at

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