Monday, January 22, 2018

The men of The Good Neighbours’ Club give to Japan

Dave Wheaton and Ray May are regular volunteers at The Good Neighbours Club, a day club for men who are 50 and over and homeless or marginally housed. They’ve both also been homeless, and have used the club to help them get back to a better life. They give back to the club that has helped them so much by handling things like the mail, death notices, and new member orientation.

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, their thoughts ran to those so far away, newly made homeless by natural disaster and bad luck. Dave and Ray decided to do what they could to help, accpeting donations from the other men in a box marked “Tokyo Dough.”  Those who have little helping those with nothing left.

Joe Fiorito, on the front page of The Toronto Star, picks up the story of the men of the Good Neighbours’ Club’s efforts to help Japan.

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