Monday, January 22, 2018

Bob Ezrin on Canada AM about Junos, Waivin’ Flag and Nimbus

Bob Ezrin and Seamus ORegan at Canada

So I had a great time with Bob Ezrin on Canada AM this morning. It started early, as these things do, but it must have felt earlier for Ezrin who’d flown in to Toronto late the night before. Good of him to do it, especially since it’s his birthday today (Happy Birthday Bob!).

In case you’ve been living on a Mennonite farm for the last few decades, Ezrin, who was born in Toronto, is one of Canada’s geatest gifts to the world of music, an iconic producer responsible for some truly seminal works from the rock world, including Pink Floyd’s The Wall. He has recently reunited with Alice Cooper whom he helped establish as one of the biggest stars in the world with such works as School’s Out and Welcome to my Nightmare. Ezrin is currently up for a Juno for K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag.”

Ezrin is an innovator. Someone able to read the pulse of almost anything and know what would make it better. Take the future of the music industry. Frustrated by the caliber of talent being turned out by traditional sound engineering and music business schools, he and legendary producer Garth Richardson (Nickelback, Rage Against the Machine), and teacher Kevin Williams opened Nimbus, a recording arts studio dedicated to turning out music industry professionals ready to work in the music business as it is today, not as it was.

Ezrin, Richardson and Williams are empowering a generation of recording arts professionals to take charge of their own careers, and, at the same time, they’re creating the artists, engineers and administrators they want to hire in the future. Pretty smart, huh?

Speaking of smart, Ezrin makes a pretty good GPS. Now, for the record, I am an excellent driver. I’ve never had a single accident, except for the time I accidentally drove a half ton truck over the car in a Rona parkinglot. But I digress. I’ve never seen Bob behind the wheel but I have seen his backseat driving skills, and they too are excellent. And today, they were particularly necessary as, in a show of bravada, I decided to turn off my GPS prematurely.

As anyone who has ever driven with me knows, I am directionally challenged. I once tried to go two long blocks to the mall near the house where I lived at the time and ended up in a small hamlet some 25 kilometers away. That’s just how I roll. And roll. And roll.

So when I drove past CTV without so much as a glance, despite the fact I’ve been there many, many times, Bob had this to say to me in the greenroom:

And that’s just how he rolls.

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