Saturday, February 24, 2018

The men of The Good Neighbours’ Club give to Japan

Dave Wheaton and Ray May are regular volunteers at The Good Neighbours Club, a day club for men who are 50 and over and homeless or marginally housed. They’ve both also been homeless, and have used the club to help them get back to a better life. They give back to the club that has […]

Bob Ezrin on Canada AM about Junos, Waivin’ Flag and Nimbus

So I had a great time with Bob Ezrin on Canada AM this morning. It started early, as these things do, but it must have felt earlier for Ezrin who’d flown in to Toronto late the night before. Good of him to do it, especially since it’s his birthday today (Happy Birthday Bob!). In case […]

The “exclusive” media story

What does it mean when a media outlet tells you they want an exclusive? In a nutshell, it means they want to be the first to break the story. It means you can talk to other outlets, but only after the exclusive has run. News is a very competitive business and getting more so every […]

Irvin Waller, Victims’ Advocate

Babble On clients tend not to shy away from the tough subjects and Irvin Waller is certainly no exception.His book new book Rights for Victims of Crime:  Rebalancing Justice (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. – is a must read for anyone who pays taxes. Or anyone  who has ever been a victim of crime. […]

Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Lots of people have asked us how it is that we can sometimes line up a dozen or more interviews in one day for a single client. And in our efforts to better educate the public about the work that publicists as a whole do, and that we do specifically, I thought I’d tell readers […]

Why Stories Matter with Pattie LaCroix

Anyone who’s worked with Babble On knows that we take story very serously, even when we’re being funny. Pattie LaCroix helps organizations understand their story and how to use it effectively to engage others. She’s holding a workshop in Toronto on April 6. Details are below. Seats are limitted – so book your seat as […]