Monday, January 22, 2018

Megan McNeil, Messenger of Hope

Battling an aggressive cancer for the fourth time in four years, no one could blame now twenty-year old singer Megan McNeil if all she thought about was herself. But that’s not Megan’s style. Megan wrote the beautiful song The Will to Survive to help other kids on the chemo ward on bad days. And when you’re a kid fighting cancer, there are a lot of bad days.

Megan has campaigned tirelessly for the cause of childhood cancer, appearing in print, on tv and radio talk and news shows across the US and Canada. And even when press want to focus on her personal story of incredible resilience and hope, Megan is quick to turn the spotlight on other kids and the organizations she is using her song to support:

The James Fund, one of the leading funds in the world fighting neuroblastoma, a leading cause of death by disease in children (Honourary Patron: Tom Hanks);

BCCCPA, The BC Childhood Cancer Parents Association which provides financial support for the families of children battling cancer;

Solving Kids Cancer, who fund, find and manage solutions to improve the survivorship of kids battling cancer.

It’s not always easy for her to do. Some days she hurts. Some days, she doesn’t feel like telling her story to one person, let alone a million people who might be watching her on TV or listening to her on the radio. But she does it anyway because she has a message and she knows that no one can deliver it like she can.

Megan, kids fighting cancer around the world thank you for what you’ve done, and what you are about to do. We can’t wait to tell the world about all the big things coming your way in 2011.

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