Thursday, March 22, 2018

The life of Paul Croutch

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  1. […] has seen many lives undone by the street, but the death that haunts him most is that of Paul Croutch, a close friend. Croutch was a 59 year old former journalist who battled mental illness, alcoholism […]

  2. […] Paul Croutch lived a difficult life and died, tragically, from poverty and intolerance. His death was the result of a vicious beating administered by intoxicated soldiers from an armoury near the Good Neighbours’ Club, the closest thing he had to a home. […]

  3. […] and takes place on or around the anniversary of the death of Good Neighbours’ Club member Paul Croutch, the former journalist who died after being beaten by intoxicated soldiers from a nearby armoury in […]

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