Monday, January 22, 2018

Alice Jamieson

Adrienne and Susan Mclennan, Alice Jamieson heirs in Calgary

More details on this event in a later post but for now, here is a picture from yesterday’s event honouring six of the greatest Albertans who ever lived, including my Great, Great Grandmother, Alice Jamieson, for whom Calgary’s Jamieson Place is now named.

My mother, Alice’s Great Granddaughter, is the last living family member who actually knew Alice, having grown up very close to her. My mother’s mother, Dorothy, was Alice’s favourite granddaughter.

My mother, Adrienne, followed closely in Alice’s footsteps. Alice was the first female appointed as judge in the British Empire (perhaps the western world) serving as a judge in the juvenile court and then as a Police Magistrate. Adrienne, prior to her retirement from the Metro Toronto Police Force, was the highest ranking woman and civilian on any Canadian police force.

The picture is of my mother and me at the monument bearing Alice’s name and image.

Enjoying Calgary as always.  Back to Toronto soon.

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