Saturday, February 24, 2018

California Wine Fair and The James Fund

Three Days Grace, Tom Hanks, Nickelback, Dolly Parton and the Kratt Brothers all have one thing in common. Wanna know what it is?

Understanding Social Media

By understanding Social Media, responsive brands can connect with their clients and customers meaningfully and impactfully. Are you missing out?

Media and Media Relations

Every member of the media and every media outlet needs great, compelling content that keeps their readers, viewers and listeners coming back. And these days, the more able a story is to be told throughout a variety of media and media platforms, the better chance it has of getting covered. Think of your story as […]

Driven to Sustain

Two idealists, one green van, and a world record fueled by french fries. Oh, and national media in both Canada and the US, along with dozens of stories in local markets coast to coast.

An evening of wine…and great heart

TORONTO The United States Consul General cordially invites you to uncork California’s sunshine in a bottle at the 2010 California Wine Fair. And as if FABULOUS wine weren’t enough,  iconic rockers Nickelback and Three Days Grace have thrown in a little song, by way of signed guitars they are donating for the Silent Auction. Tom […]

Homelessness: It’s not an “us” and “them” Situation

Ray May knows what it’s like to lose everything. He battled back from the streets and now helps other older homeless men do the same. But it’s getting harder with each passing day. Here’s why.

To Blog or Not to Blog…

You’ve held out this long but now you’re wondering if it’s time to blog. The answer is…