Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Day of the Homeless – Toronto Charity for the Homeless Man

Patron: The Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Vice-Patron: Chief William Blair, Toronto Police Service

The Good Neighbours’ Club is a Toronto charity dedicated to the homeless man who is 50+ and trying to find his way back to a normal life. By the time he is 50, a homeless man is aged well beyond his years. He is also vulnerable to attack by younger men.

No other Toronto charity is so uniquely equipped to deal with the daytime needs of the homeless man over 50.

Good Neighbours’ Club members come from all walks of life. Its members include many a homeless man who held a job or a career and most had families that love or loved them. The club is a Toronto charity but members come from all across the country.

All Good Neighbours’ Club members have this in common: something, at some point in their lives, went terribly wrong and their lives derailed. Without the help of this Toronto charity, the plight of the homelss man in Canada would be infinitely worse.

The Good Neighbours’ Club provides a few of the amenities we take for granted, including:

  • · hot showers
  • · washers and dryers
  • · changes of clothing
  • · winter coats
  • · an address where members can receive mail
  • · a phone
  • · computers they can use
  • · nourishing hot meals
  • · a library
  • · recreation and companionship

To help members overcome debilitating health and social issues, The Club also provides visiting professionals, including:

  • · visiting public health and Street Health Nurses
  • · immunization Clinics
  • · TB and Diabetes Specialists
  • · mental health and addiction counselors

The Good Neighbours’ Club also provides dignity to members by reaching out to the homeless man in his time of need with a variety of services, including:

  • · meal deliveries
  • · in hospital visitations
  • · burial upon death

Good Neighbours’ Club members try to give back. They volunteer in all areas of The Club, raise funds if possible and hold a Christmas Toy Drive for underprivileged children.

Members know that the operation is lean and that there is a constant search for funding to keep the doors open for each and every 50+ homeless man looking for a better life. Many give up their time and those who can even donate what small amount of money they can. The members take pride in their club — they care, they help and they truly appreciate.

Each club member may be a marginally housed or homeless man – but they are also sons and brothers, many were husbands and some are fathers. Somewhere along the way, these men went from being “one of us” to “one of them.” Yet when they walk through the doors of The Good Neighbours’ Club, they know they will be welcomed and treated with respect. If no where else, here at least, they know that they belong.

This Toronto charity exists through the good graces of limited funding provided by the city, United Way, a staff that donates more time than they are paid for and a handful of dedicated volunteers.

In times like these, dollars are increasingly scarce, and yet the need is rising as more older men fall between the cracks, unable to find a place in a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

To learn more or to help a very worthy charity making life better for every homeless man over 50, please visit

The Good Neighbours’ Club. Because everyone of “them”…used to be an “us.”

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