Monday, January 22, 2018

The James Fund neuroblastoma Retreat – A Beautiful Noise – W-Five

W-Five recently aired a heartbreakingly beautiful documentary on James Birrell, a little boy who left a very big legacy. James died of neuroblastoma, a deadly form of childhood cancer in 2001. He was just 8 years old and had been fighting cancer since he was 3.

James made it his mission to fight the neuroblastoma that would kill him, helping to raise money to fund research into the cancer he was battling. When it became clear to him he wasn’t going to win his fight, he resolved to keep going, saying: “I’m always going to be fighting cancer.”

And he is.

Today, The James Fund for Neuroblastoma is one of the world’s leading funds funding research into neuroblastoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancers that there is. Scientists around the world are noticing the work done at the James Birrell Lab at SickKids, hoping that one day soon, a cure will be found.

And even Hollywood has taken note. Tom Hanks is the James Fund’s Honourary Patron.

Babble On Communications is profoundly grateful to have been part of the journey, and we will always keep our beloved friend James near and dear in our hearts.

We applaud the Birrell family who continue fighting to save the lives of precious children although nothing they do can ever bring James back. And we commend SickKids for the heart and vision they bring to their work every day. It’s been an honour to walk beside them all on the road towards a day where no child dies of neuroblastoma. 

To watch the CTV documentary, go to:

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