Monday, January 22, 2018

The Future is…Questionable

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I wish things could go back to the way they were but that’s not how the universe works. We are a society of consumers but how and what we consume must change. To pretend we can go back to be a disposable culture is to threaten the lives and economies of generations to come. And surely that must matter. 

Our landfills choke on things that will not break down. Toxins seep into water and land. Gains we’ve made in lifespan over the last century will soon be wiped out by diseases brought on by gluttony and fast food. 

We are addicts. And addicts are not pretty people. Not in the end, anyway. 

We are in the worst economic recession since the Depression. Jobs are disappearing with the dying industries that spawned them. And still, we can’t help but think and talk about going back to how it was, how we were.

We cannot.

We must find new ways of being. We must find creative solutions for waste and we must not let the interests of a few plunder the future for us all.  

Whether we truly accept it or not, we are at a crossroads. How we market, how we promote, how we think…it all must change. What good is there in winning a higher market share if we lose the planet?

Polar bears are dying, ice caps are melting and water-surrounded nations like Britain are planing for epic flooding in the next 20 years.  Surely we can say we are standing on the brink.

How and what we sell must be worthy of more than just us. How we reinvent ourselves must be worthy of our children’s children. To do less is to rob them of a future or to deny it all together.  

We may be addicts with all the sloppy drama that tags along for the ride. But something tells me we love our children more than our stuff. I just hope I’m right.

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