Monday, January 22, 2018

Mindy Shear

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Recently, a reporter asked me to recommend great cosmetic products for the summer. That was easy: Mindy Shear. Mindy Shear makes some of the most beautiful products that have ever touched any woman’s skin, including mine.

We had the great pleasure of working with Mindy Shear last year and WOW did we love her AND her makeup. 

The all in one Face To Go Set with mineral powder foundation, blush, six shades of shadow, brushes, mascara and lipstick is literally the mainstay of my cosmetic treasure chest. No matter how busy I am, this all in one make up set means I always look refreshed and ready no matter what the day presents. 

face on the go225
Mindy Shear’s Face on the Go

It’s also great for travel. Last week, I was in 3 cities for four clients. My luggage made it each time but it’s not always so lucky. For those occasions when my luggage DOESN’T make it (13 times so far), I don’t break a sweat. Face on the Go is hassle free and airport security proof so it goes on the plane with me every time.   

Mindy Shear also makes the most gorgeous liquid foundation. I can’t tell you how many times people have literally stopped me on the street to tell me what beautiful skin I have whenever I wear Mindy Shear’s Light Diffusing Makeup. It’s hypoallergenic and in the porcelain shade, it literally makes my skin shimmer. 

Mindy is very excited about a new product she’s carrying called Liptox. It’s a lip plumper that is a beautiful alternative to invasive proceedures. Liptox has collagen and glycosaminocan synthesis. Those who use it swear it is the secret to fuller, more lush lips. Liptox is absolutely pout perfect — and pain free! 

liptoxsheer125Mindy Shear’s Liptox

Mindy Shear products are available online and at better makeup shows everywhere. Check her out online at and follow her on twitter.  


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