Monday, January 22, 2018

I’ve flipped over Flip


I’d been hearing my American twitter pals talking about the Flip camcorder for months now. “It’s idiot-proof,” they’d tweet, “really simple with point-and-shoot technology.” They had me at idiot….

My pals over at IPR Group, the PR company who did such a great job on the Canadian launch of Flip, were kind enough to lend me one when my immediate need for a Flip preceded their arrival in stores.

Smart move on IPR Group’s part. No lie, I think I’ve probably sold 20 people in three different cities on buying one of the four ultra portable and easy to use Flip models.

In case you recently awoke from a coma and missed the media hoopla around the launch, the Flip comes in four models: Flip Mino, Flip Mino HD, Flip Ultra and Flip Ultra HD. The brand is called Flip because the USB connector flips out easily from the camera, ready to plug directly into a USB port on your computer where the footage can be downloaded immediately and easily.

The Mino is sleeker and smaller than the Ultra and can hold up to an hour of footage. The Ultra is bigger, though still pocket size, and can hold up to 2 hours of footage. Both come in HD versions which can be played back on HD TV sets with cables that come with your camera.

My needs will ultimately be best suited by the Flip Ultra HD but I may just get the Mino HD as well to keep in my purse so that I can literally never be without one.

The Flip is every bit as easy as I had heard. Turn it on, press a button and record your little heart out. You can even zoom in and out and pull a still picture from the video.

There are a couple of small draw backs. Flip doesn’t do well in low light and there is no jack for an external mic, meaning you must always shoot somewhere ultra quiet if the sound matters. It’s likely worth picking up the tripod which will give you steadier shots.

The Flip has way more working for it than against it. it’s a great deal for the price, which ranges between $180 to $250 depending on the model. I’m getting into the habit of taking it everywhere and using it in ways I’d never anticipated. Parties, meetings, lunches, impromptu family visits, interviews  – my life is richer for being able to grab great moments to share both with friends and colleagues.

The complete Flip video line is available in Canada coast to coast in a wide variety of stores, including Future Shop and Best Buy. Canadians will also soon be able to custom design Flip camcorders through the Flip Canada website, opening up a whole world of marketing and contest possibilities.

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