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Alice Jamieson and Jamieson Place

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jamiesonplaceJamieson Place

I am unlikely to have anything named after me. And I’m okay with that.

My great, great grandmother, Alice Jamieson, however, is a different story. And what a story she is.

Alice Jamieson, my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother, was an Alberta feminist who was appointed a magistrate in the juvenile court in 1914, becoming the first female appointed to any court in the British Empire. In 1916, she was appointed a magistrate in the women’s court, shortly after Emily Murphy.

aliceAlice Jamieson

Along with my mother, I am in Calgary, in part, to meet with the good people of Bentall Capital LP. They are building the extraordinarily beautiful Jamieson Place, named in Alice’s honour, slated for completion in December of this year with a grand opening next summer.

Jamieson Place is in itself a piece of art. A premiere AAA office development featuring glazed glass, granite, and stainless steel, its inspiration is taken from Frank Lloyd Wright, especially notable in the lit spears that will run the length of the building, reaching up towards the sky.

Jamieson Place will feature stunning works of art, including a large glass installation by Dale Chilhuly. It will be stunning.

We are grateful that Alice Jamieson has been so remembered and we cannot wait for the building’s official opening next summer. It will be a family reunion of sorts, a chance to connect with cousins we haven’t seen in a while. How extraordinary it will be for our family to be gathering to honour the Great Alice, as she has always been known in our family. She has long inspired us all, especially the women.

I will be posting updates about the project and even some video. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Alice Jamieson and Jamieson Place”
  1. How wonderful to stumble across this blog. Alice Jamieson is my great grandmother. She has been a source of inspiration not only for me throughout my life, but also for my daughters, Ella and Jayne; and of course for my 4 sisters. Young Alice Marten, now 14 years old is named after her great, great grandmother. Many of us gathered from England, Libya, Montreal and Toronto in the summer of 2007 to see the beginning of the Jamieson Place construction. We saw a giant hole and lots of pictures.

    You are quite right in saying that it is wonderful to see that Alice Jamieson is being so well remembered and honored. It would be wonderful to meet you at the opening, and connect with cousins we have never met.

  2. Patricia, how wonderful to see you here. It’s been years, although I believe our mothers exchanged Christmas cards for years. Perhaps they still do, I don’t know. I still recall how kind Ida was when I came down with the flu while staying at your house.

    How fun it will be to see you all again in September. My mother, Adrienne McLennan, of course, will be there. She followed very closely in Alice’s footsteps. Prior to her retirement, she became the highest ranking woman and civilian on any Canadian police force.

    We’ve ensured that our other cousins, Nairn and Doug Stewart, have also been invited to the September event too. It will be great fun to have the whole family together.

    I still recall long visits with your grandmother when she lived at my grandmother’s house (Dorothy, Mary’s niece) and on other stays in our home.

    I’m sure we’ll get some great new family photos and memories from this wonderful event.

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