Saturday, February 24, 2018

TV Interview Tips

TV interview

The good ones make a TV Interview look easy. So what exactly makes a good tv interview? Here are ten top tips for you to remember for your next tv interview or to keep in mind as you gear up to secure or execute one:

1. Know the show before you go on. Make sure you have a sense of the feel of the show, how long the segments are, who the hosts are, what their energy is like and what the character is of the show. You can ensure you fit in much more readily if you’ve done your homework.

2.  Be topical. Make sure you have up to the minute info on your subject. If you can, relate your subject to something trending in news to give it that much more relevance.

3.  Be Visual. If your segment isn’t visually engaging or appealing, you’re radio.  Nothing wrong with radio — but if you want to to TV interviews, give them something that moves. The visuals must make sense on their own and be fine to run with someone takling over it (which is how much of it will be used).  Your footage must be active and require no real explanation. Beta-SP is the preferred format for tape, but increasingly, producers will accept other formats.

4.  Remember a TV interview is not a commercial. Make sure your segment offers value to the viewer beyond pushing your messages out. This is not a paid ad – so it’s important what you’re doing and saying fits the show.

5. Be somebody – be you. Don’t try and be something or someone you’re not. You will have a terrible time trying to remember who you’re supposed to be and the audience will be hard pressed to connect with you.

6. Be upbeat and energetic. Unless you’re on a show where chairs might get thrown (and we’d seriously suggest giving that a second thought if that’s you’re plan), try and fill the screen with good energy. You may well find yourself remembered and even invited back.

7. Be interesting and transparent. And unless you’re really outrageous, no one likes to watch a braggart.

8.  Always be truthful and ensure you are well versed in the subject at hand. Your job is to make the host look good and if you do that, you will find yourself with more tv interviews before you know it.

9.  Be nice to everyone you meet. Tomorrow’s producers have to start out somewhere, perhaps on the reception desk. Be respectful to everyone you meet.

10. Don’t expect to get materials back from press. You may ask but assume you may not get it back, particularly as stress levels rise and budgets decrease. The more self sufficient you are, the easier it is on everyone and the more likely it is you will be asked to do more tv interviews.

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