Monday, January 22, 2018

Letter from Tom Hanks to Susan McLennan

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Over the years, we have been greatly honoured to walk alongside a wide variety of charities, people and businesses as they reach to make the world better in real and demonstrable ways.

We are profoundly grateful for the thanks and recognition we receive from our clients and those who are near and dear to them.

We are deeply touched that, this month, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, Honourary Patron of the James Fund, sent Susan McLennan this very gracious acknowledgment of her work to help what has become one of the leading funds fighting neuroblastoma in the world.

tom hanks letter
Tom Hanks Letter to Susan McLennan

In case the above is difficult to read, it says:

Many thanks for your loyal support of The James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research at SickKids! Your creative guidance has given The James Fund impressive exposure, resulting in scientific discoveries that are of major global significance in the quest for a cure and better treatments for this childhood cancer. Some day we will fulfill James’ dream of a world where all the kids with neuroblastoma will be able to survive.”

The pleasure has been ours, Mr. Hanks. Truly.

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