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Good Neighours’ Club Members Give Back

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Ray from goodRay from Good Neighbours’ Club

On Thursday, I spent part of the day with 4 remarkable men: Ray, David, Sunset and Victor. They are all members of the Good Neighbours’ Club (GNC), a day centre for men 50+ who are homeless or marginally housed. 

The four men were asked to be part of the press launch for Toronto Challenge, a huge charitable event that lets participants donate the money they raise to the charity of their choice through a 5k run/walk or a 1k walk. Ray, David, Sunset and Victor are all participating in the June 14 event, raising funds for The Good Neighbours’ Club.  

These men have not had easily lives… 

Ray has overcome drug addiction, homelessness and cancer.  He is also one of GNC’s most dedicated and active volunteers. Ray chairs the club’s Members’ Committee, which is comprised of club members who meet weekly with GNC’s Director of Operations and provide input. 

David has overcome an extremely difficult childhood, alcholism, a serious back injury and depression. Dave now volunteers at the club and, like Ray, is part of the Members’ Committee. He, like so many there, has used the Good Neighbours’ Club computers to reconnect with the family he thought he’d lost forever. 

Last year, Sunset turned his life around after years of crack addiction and prison stints. He now volunteers in The Good Neighbours’ Club kitchen and also as a van driver.

Victor is one of the more active volunteers. Other members joke his picture should be beside the word volunteer in dictionary. Victor too is on the Members’ Committee.  

There has been a lot of darkness in the lives of these men but their days are brighter now, in so small part thanks to The Good Neighbours Club. Ray, David, Sunset and Victor are grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the club, a place that kept them in hope and dignity when they had run out of both.

They have already raised more than $1300 in pledges to support The Good Neighbours’ Club through Toronto Challenge.

To pledge Ray, David, Sunset or Victor, please click

To learn more about the club and some of its members, including Ray and David, please visit

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