Monday, January 22, 2018

Eve Pearl

eve-logoEve Pearl

We LOVE Eve Pearl, the 5 time Emmy award winning, celebrity makeup artist and author of ‘Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, the Miracle of Makeup Techniques.’

Among other things, Eve Pearl is the makeup artist for the Today Show, stepping out from behind the camera occasionally for appearances both on the Today Show and elsewhere to demonstrate great makeup techniques. Always popular are her segments on tricks that can make you look younger, thinner, etc.

Deborah Keegan, Babble On’s manager of media relations, had an absolute riot with Eve on the set of Canada AM. We’d booked her on the show to promote a Toronto event she was headlining in Toronto last year.  Deb was brave enough to be a before and after model, boldly going on national television at 7am with no makeup. In Deb, Eve Pearl had a beautiful canvas to begin with – but my goodness, Deb was stunning by the end of the segment!

Eve Pearl makeup is filled with nutrients that nourish the skin even while evening out any imperfections. Her salmon concealer is a miracle worker for under the eye camouflage, chock full of nutrients or, CosmeNutrientsTM as they are known.

Eve Pearl has some astonishingly good deals going on her makeup kits right now online, one right for every skin tone, even yours. And if you’re in New York, do yourself a favor and stop by her studio and boutique at  805 Third Avenue (Bet. 49th & 50th St.) Upper Level Atrium.

How good is her makeup? I feel more beautiful just telling you about it….it’s that good.

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