Monday, January 22, 2018

David Stones, Childhood Cancer Foundation (CCF)

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daveDavid Stones

Well, David, you said the day was coming but everyone who had any dealing with the Childhood Cancer Foundation kept hoping your talk of retirement was just that: talk. We should have known better, though. You’re a man of action and a straight shooter, and those of us who have worked with you over the years have admired you for both of those traits and many, many more.   

For the last several years, David Stones has been the CEO of the Childhood Cancer Foundation, one of a select few national organization dedicated exclusively to the fight against childhood cancer. Under David Stones’ watch, The Childhood Cancer Foundation has deepened its unique partnership with all of Canada’s 17 childhood cancer hospitals and treatment centres, ensuring that only the very best and most promising research proposals are funded.

Thanks to David, the organization has grown its bottom line while extending ever greater help to families facing the greatest trial most will ever endure. David Stones and his staff have tirelessly lobbied for greater help for families both from the public and private sectors. And like everything David has done, he has done so with grace and an unwavering commitment to the dignity of young cancer patients and their families.

Babble On Communications’ path has been interwoven with that of the Childhood Cancer Foundation since Childhood Cancer Foundation brought our firm on to launch “Mountain of Hope,” the breathtakingly brave initiative of then 13 year old Brandon Schupp. 

Spurred on by the cancer illness of his young neighbor, Brandon Schupp became determined to help Canada’s 10,000 kids with cancer by climbing a 10,000 foot mountain in their honour. Brandon Schupp’s successful summit made headlines across the country, earned Schupp a Readers’ Digest Hero of the Year and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the Childhood Cancer Foundation’s vital mission   

There are 1,300 new cases of cancer in children each year. Kids get sick, parents get scared, and there is very little help for families who lose so much when a child gets ill. The Childhood Cancer Foundation steps up where and how it can, offering advice and support to those with newly diagnosed children and, in the most tragic of cases, covering the costs of burial for families devastated both emotionally and financially by their children’s illness and death.

David, it has been a privilege to help you serve the cause you have helmed so capably. We wish you many happy years of golf, theatre and travel. We cannot thank you enough for letting us help you help the vitally important work that Childhood Cancer Foundation does.

We know you have left CCF in infinitely capable hands. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that all of us who have worked with you at one time or another will miss you greatly.

Happy Retirement David!  All the best to you and your beautiful wife Jean McLeod. CCF’s loss is Stratford’s gain!

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