Monday, January 22, 2018

A hero to cancer kids everywhere

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timTim Harriman, The Spokeman

10,000 Canadian cancer kids call him a hero and across the land, he is known simply as Spokeman. 

Two years ago this week, Tim Harriman, just then 19 and a childhood cancer survivor himself, was getting ready for a journey across Canada on his bike. He was raising money and awareness to help those who need it most: cancer kids. 

Tim raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, reaching many millions of people through national and local media on his two month epic ride that started at Mile 0 and ended in Newfoundland.

Tim was accompanied by his parents, Heather and Jerry, and by Christa, his bride to be, soul-mate, and the one who will be with him no matter what life sends their way. 

On his journey, Tim took the time to go to as many of the 17 paediatric oncology hospitals as he could. He visited with cancer kids facing their own battles. He reassured parents – he survived; their children would too.

Tim, we were honoured to support your journey and help you tell 10’s of millions of Canadians what it is like to be a child battling cancer. You’ve given hope and a voice to cancer kids and families, in the fight of their lives. 

The tour might be over but your journey continues. Ride on, Spokeman. Ride on….

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