Monday, January 22, 2018

Twitness to History….

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No two people will ever experience twitter in exactly the same way. Twitter is a frenetic barrage of sounds and thoughts from an eclectic range of voices and what that mass sounds like depends on who you’re following and what they have to say.

I try and follow a range of people, ensuring that I hear a range of opinions on a variety of social fabric issues as possible. I used to friend everyone back but now I ignore the people who:

a) don’t put up a picture and a bio line

b) have few or no tweets

c) try and sell me something in their posted tweets or bio.

I’m also not crazy about a recent automated trend to join up and have a bot do a massive amount of autofollowing for you right off the bat. Twitter is about relationships – not numbers.

I get a kick out of the happenings in my twitter friends lives. I mean how cool is it that @mark_phillips is at an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time working on the USO’s tour with Stephen Colbert???? And will @JimAlger and @stephenkruiser ever learn to get along????

There are leaders in my twitter community. When a virus swept through twitter, @judyrey, @mashable and @Mike_Wesely kept many of us updated on what was happening and how to protect ourselves. And those like @mballantyne whose posts include unexpected gems like a stunning dance routine with Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell.

In my twitisphere, there are people from my past, people I’ve never met and some I’ve admired for years. There are also a few people who want to show me how I can make a passive income, many who use the word abundance a lot and some who tweet supposedly authentic comments on products without disclosing they are paid for those comments. But they don’t stay long. I don’t let them.

Like anything, Twitter is what you make of it. Me? I love it. I’m @SusanMcLennan. Come up and tweet me sometime….

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