Monday, January 22, 2018

PR and the New World

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Revolutionary change is rarely convenient and it almost never sends a “save the date” card. It arrives in chaos and with demands, oblivious to what we think our needs are. This time it came with a drunken date, an economy that’s falling down and throwing up all over itself. And we are angry.

Bank executives fear for their lives in in Britain and so do American executives at the now infamous insurance firm AIG. This was not the public we wanted to be. These were not the leaders we wanted to lead us.

And yet, here we are, together in a messy moment. Around us are the broken pieces of the old world all mixed up with the makings of the new. This moment is both terrifying and pregnant with possibilities.

We can’t go back to who we were; those days are gone. But we can take the best of who we are and aspire to our better selves. We can be more. And in business, we must be more. Our survival depends on it.

Through technology, we have rapidly and increasingly become interconnected. Brand loyalty and discontent move through the ether just as fast as fingers can fly across a keyboard. No company, no person can simply afford to push messages out. The rules of engagement have changed. And the first rule of engagement IS engagement.

Those who ignore that today’s pr is a dialogue and not a monologue will increasingly become irrelevant. But those who turn their brands over for the public to manage will not fare well either.

Those who will do well are those who give real value, are helpful and who speak in an authentic voice. It’s what your customers need. It’s what your customers will demand.

Oh brave new world that has such Tweople in it. They have spoken. And they won’t take no for an answer.

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