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Vote out poverty / Make Poverty History

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Canadian Stars, Ontarians Gather to VOTE OUT POVERTY

TORONTO, September 28 — With a keynote address by Stephen Lewis, hosted by Mary Walsh, and featuring performances from such Canadian treasures as Susan Aglukark, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, The Hidden Cameras and The Nylons, Vote Out Poverty takes to Massey Hall TONIGHT at 7:30 pm.

Vote Out Poverty is a community gala, a coming together of people from all walks of life and political allegiances gathering for an evening of entertainment united by a desire to reduce poverty in Ontario, Canada and the world.  The event coincides with the home stretch of the election in Ontario where one in seven people live in poverty.

Video vignettes in which Ontario’s poor talk about their experiences will be unveiled.  The leaders of the major provincial political parties have been invited to speak.


Tonight, October 1, 7:30pm (run of show programme with scheduled times of who is on when below)

Massey Hall,
178 Victoria Street
Toronto, On. M5B 1T7

-Keynote: Stephen Lewis
-Host: Mary Walsh
-Susan Aglukark
-The Nylons
-The Hidden Cameras
-Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden and Tom Wilson)
-George Stroumboulopoulos
-assorted politicians from federal and provincial levels, including representatives from Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green parties

-Vote Out Poverty, an evening of music, humour and thoughtful discussion on poverty.
-Ticket price minimum of $8.00 with suggestion that patrons pay the equivalent to their hourly wage.
Tickets can be purchased online at

Or by Phone to the Box Office at 416-872-4255

Nearly one in six children in Ontario is growing up in poverty. Over one million people in Ontario earn less than $10 an hour, working in jobs where they have trouble making ends meet.  Vote Out Poverty is presented by The Ontario Coalition for Social Justice and Make Poverty History.


19:00                           Doors open

19:30                           Curtain – House lights down

Play 1st VOTE OUT POVERTY video – 3 minutes

19:33 to 19:40             David Langille and Dennis Howlett – welcoming remarks

David Langille and Dennis Howlett intro Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh gives opening remarks

Mary Walsh intros MPH video and Nylons

19:40 to 19:55             Play Make Poverty History video – 30 seconds

Nylons’ performance

19:55 to 20:15             Play 2nd VOTE OUT POVERTY video plays – 3 minutes

Brief patter, then intros and welcomes participating provincial politicians

Provincial politicians interact with Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh introduces  and interacts with federal politicians in the audience and they rise to acknowledge audience

20:15 to 20:35             Mary Intros Hidden Cameras; Hidden Cameras performance

20:35 to 20:40             Mary intros intermission and MMP video

Video concludes – House lights up and intermission

20:40 to 21:00             INTERMISSION

21:00– 21:05               House returns from intermission – house lights down

Play 3rd VOTE OUT POVERTY video – 3 minutes

Mary Walsh’s very brief welcome back – intro to Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

21:05 – 21:25              Blackie and the Rodeo Kings performance

21:25 to 21:30             Play 4th VOTE OUT POVERTY video – 3 minutes

Mary Walsh – banter and acknowledgements for evening

Mary Walsh intro to George Stromboulopolis

21:30 to 21:35             George Stromboulopolis intros Stephen Lewis

21:35 to 22:05             Stephen Lewis talk

22:05 to 22:10             Stephen Lewis concludes

Mary Walsh gives very brief acknowledgements and farewells

Mary Walsh intros Susan Aglukark and band

22:10 to FINISH        Susan Aglukark and band performance

Play 5th VOTE OUT POVERTY video – 3 minutes



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