Thursday, August 21, 2014

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The 10th Anniversary of The James Fund

It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s been 9 years since my last... 

Crisis Communications Plan – where to start? Crisis Communications Plan – where to start?

Nobody wants to plan for a crisis. It’s human nature to put crisis communication... 

B2B Public Relations Tips B2B Public Relations Tips

B2B public relations, like all PR, has evolved quickly over the last few years.... 

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How Can We Help You?

Have a burning PR question?

Visit for answers and insights into PR related issues. Have... 

Understanding Social Media Understanding Social Media

Understanding social media starts with this one simple truth: we are all connected,... 

Media and Media Relations Media and Media Relations

Every member of the media and every media outlet needs great, compelling content... 

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To Blog or Not to Blog… To Blog or Not to Blog…

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a great new product. Or the CEO of a company working hard to build trust in a climate where trust for business is at an all time low.  Advisers are telling you to blog but you’re still not convinced. You barely have enough time in  your day as it is and the thought of spending another minute behind your computer... [Read more of this review]

Crisis Communications Planning Crisis Communications Planning

The time to create a Crisis Communications Plan is before you need it, not in the height of a crisis. Every critical person in your company and all of the C-suite should have a copy, have reviewed it at least once in the last six months, and feel free to offer suggestions to improve upon it as time goes on. Here are five essentials of a good Crisis... [Read more of this review]

Tips on a great Media Pitch Tips on a great Media Pitch

A great PR campaign includes a killer media pitch that make a story newsworthy. A media pitch is a short written or verbal piece that you use to entice the media to feature you positively in a story. It’s not rocket science, but it is an art. It makes all the difference between getting media coverage and not. Not sure what goes into a great media... [Read more of this review]

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